Bolaji Agbekoya (The Pain Behind the Smile) - Episode 7

"You did a brilliant job," Bolaji Agbekoya said as she handed a well- wrapped envelope to a young man in her hotel room. Even though Bolaji Agbekoya was full of smiles as she gives the envelope to him, Agbako didn't smile back at her, he collected the envelope, stood up from the chair he has been sitting and reach for the door without saying a word. Bolaji watched him leave, she's used to him already, he only speak when necessary and doesn't talk much. She remembered the first job he handled for her, it was so perfect that no one suspected anything, she gave a sign of relief, picked up the glass of water on the table, she held the water up to the air, smile to herself  and then drop the glass of water again "I guess my trip to Dubai is over now" she said to herself smiling.

Bolaji Agbekoya - Episode 7

"Why are you parking the car?" one of the boys with Sunday asked as he parks the car, Sunday smiled,  he stepped out of the ambulance, the two boys dropped from the car too as their eyes were fixed on Sunday as he walks a little distance away from the ambulance. In silence, the two boys watched him, one of the boys  gave a sign to the other one, they reached for their gun which was hidden behind their jeans trouser, they cannot trust him they knew that, even if he is going to shot at them right now right here to cover up his secrets, he will only get one of them before the other shot him dead. 

"One of you will have to drive us home," Sunday finally said, "I need to prepare my weak side to take control of me, they need to see the tears flow", He turns towards the boys, walked himself to the back of the ambulance where the casket is, opens the casket, looks at the corpse for some seconds before he pulled the body of the Chief up towards him by grabbing his suit with his two hands. "Look at me old fool, Look at me ingrate" he said as he looked into the eyes of the corpse that  has remained opened since life parted ways for the old rugged man called death, anger burn through his vain as he drops the dead body way up beyond his casket, like a stone dropped from the top of a building, the corpse landed into the casket again, lying there lifeless. The two boys looked at each other briefly, Sunday turns around handing the key to one of them, he jumped into the back of the car while the two other boys maintained the two front seats. They soon began their journey, shortly after they began their journey. 

Sunday was again lost in deep thought, at first, when he saw tears dropping from Engr. Pelumi's eyes the first day he visited his mother, he was thinking Engr. Pelumi is his father who his mother has refused to talk about since he was born. The two other Engineers were shocked to see tears rolling down Engr. Pelumi's cheek, they couldn't say a word, silence dominated the room until Engr. Pelumi broke the silence, "She was my helper when I needed help while I was in Warri serving my father's land" he said as he smiled at his fellow Engineers, Sunday remembered his mother once mentioned a boy who she helped before she gave birth to him, he needs nobody to tell him that the boy is Engr. Pelumi. "But, she was not blind when I knew her" Engr. Pelumi continued as he quickly turned towards the blind woman "What happened to you? What lead to you loosing your eyes?" he asked as he moved closer to Sunday's mother.

The tension in the room was finally calmed by the words of the young Engineer, at some point, the thought of the young Engineer being his father has crossed Sunday's young mind, his mother has never made mention of who his father is to him, even when he was mocked in school, his mother still finds a way of talking him out of finding out who his father is. "It's a long story Pelumi", Sunday mother said as she tries to touch Engr. Pelumi's face "You have really grown up oh, see bear-bear,"  She said as she touched the beard of the young Engineer, they all laugh at her joke. She was really happy to hear from Pelumi, the young corper who promised to always love her, who promised to spend his life with her, he has promised her heaven on earth just after she gave up her eyes to get him quick fortune some years ago. The thought of when they first met swept across Sandra's mind as she feels the face of Pelumi, she remembered how they use to be happy together, Pelumi being a young corper then in warri use to visit her mother's canteen with other corpers. They both became friends just after their first encounter, she just gained admission into the University of Nigeria, her love for the young corper knows no bound, she was ready to do anything just to please him, he loves her too, he always talks about getting married to her the following year, but he do say one word over and over again "it is only money that can delay my marriage to you, if I no get money, I no go marry you o!" those words are his final words whenever they are to depart everyday, it always bother her, especially when she asked him if he's serious about it and he said yes with seriousness written all over his eyes.  

"You can go back to the site. I will be joining you guys later" Engr. Pelumi said to his colleagues who enjoyed the starch and Banga made by Sandra, Sunday's blind mother, they thank the woman, paid for their food and promised to always patronize her, she smiled as she listens to them, Sunday cleared the table, he packed the plates to the kitchen where the other girl was waiting to wash the plates. "why did you lie" Sandra said to Pelumi as soon as she is sure Sunday was away from them, "Keep your voice down" Pelumi said as he drags a chair closer to where Sandra sat. "You expect me to tell everyone I am responsible for your condition?" Pelumi smiled and quickly change the topic as he noticed Sunday coming towards the shop, "the soup is really nice Sandra, you inherit your mother's cooking skills" he said, Sandra who understands, smiled, "Abi na, at least, the cooking skills brought you back to my shop", she said as they both give a louder laugh out really loud. Engineer Pelumi stood up from the chair he sat on when he noticed Sunday will not leave the shop, "I will like to be on my way" he said as he stands up from the chair, he handed Sunday some cash, before giving Sandra some money too, "I will come back to pick you tomorrow so we can talk, it's really been a long time since we had time to talk" he said as he walks towards the door, "there is a solution at hand for everything" Sandra said, "as you have said, we have a lot to discuss". 

Immediately Engr. Pelumi drove off, Sandra asked Sunday to take her to Umukoro, the herbalist known as "Dibia Koro" who is few blocks away. Sunday wanted to ask questions but his mother was in a hurry to answer any question at the moment, she stood up almost immediately, Sunday quickly gets her stick, gave it to her and led her to Dibia Koro.

Sunday knew something is up in the air, what it is, he cannot tell, but whatever it is, whatever solution his mother is talking about, he is determined to find out.

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