Bolaji Agbekoya (The Pain Behind the Smile) - Episode 6

Bolaji Agbekoya - Episode 6
Sunday removed his sun shade as the mortuary attendance brought out the corpse he came for, the corpse was open for identification by the mortuary attendance, after Sunday confirmed the body, he signed a document and then gave a satisfactory nod. The mortuary attendance checked the document again just to be sure of something I don't know before he moved back towards the direction he came from.

Sunday bends low as he whispers: "Go to hell" to the lifeless body of Chief Agbekoya, He tucked back the sunglasses which he removed when the mortuary attendance came out with the body some minutes ago into his face, he spent some time looking at the body before he moved away from the corpse, as he moved away slowly, he signals the two other boys with him to move the corpse into the ambulance. "I would have forgotten two bullets in this big stomach," said one of the boy as he tickles the big stomach of the corpse. "If no be oga wey say make we just strangle him neck ehn, I for just cut him bele small small until all him intestine draw comot for him big belle like rope, stupid man!" the other boy said as Sunday gave a deadly smile. "You guys did a perfect job, any which way, he's dead, that is the most important thing here" they all laughed out really hard that they got the attention of the mortuary attendance. Sunday who noticed the stare ordered the boys into the ambulance, he puts on the siren before he kicked start the ambulance.

Chief Agbekoya family has been concerned about who will go to the mortuary to pick the body of the Late Chief, according to tradition, the first son of the deceased would have led the team of other young men to claim the body from the mortuary. In Chief Agbekoya's case, there is no son to claim his body from the mortuary, the only child he has is Bolaji Agbekoya who will arrive from her business trip to Dubai later today. Sunday who happens to be close to the late Senator had taken it upon himself to bring his body back from the mortuary, Chief Agbekoya's body has been kept in the mortuary since he was murdered in his hotel room in Lagos.

As they drive down en route to the house, Sunday reflects on the first day he came in contact with the Chief, Chief Agbekoya back then was a young Marine Engineer who led the team of other engineers to the rural area of Port Harcourt for a  Boat Survey. Engr. Pelumi Agbekoya as he was called then by his colleagues was an intelligent engineer, Sunday, who always go from one engineering site to another due to his love for what they do was on the site the day Engineer Pelumi arrived with his team of other intelligent engineers. From the very first day of his arrival, Engr. Pelumi Agbekoya was attracted to Sunday simply because he appears intelligent, Sunday run errands for other engineers on the site, he knows where to buy everything they ever wanted,  Sunday and Engr. Pelumi became closer after the Engineer tasted Banga soup and starch brought by Sunday one Saturday morning, the soup was so sweet that the Engineer said he will follow Sunday to his mother shop to enjoy the delicacy again.  It was not the first time Engr. Pelumi Agbekoya will visit Delta State, he spent a whole year in Warri during his NYSC exercise some years ago, he still knows his way around, but, most of the road looks different now, it has been a long time since he served his father's land and so many changes have been made. "Port Harcourt has really changed oh, I remember the first time I was here as a Youth Corper, things were not like this," he said to Sunday who smiled and nod in approval without saying a single word. The journey to Sunday's mother shop was a short one, Sunday came down from the car while Engineer Pelumi looked around for space to park his car.

Sunday was still in Secondary school at the time, most people around has been calling him an engineer, some people cannot remember his real name, they simply know him as "the engineer" or "engineer". A 9-year-old boy who has been the solution to so many engineering problems around him, he gathered his experience from the engineers around as he has been learning and involving himself with different engineering work after school. Sunday was still in the Junior school, he needs no one to tell him he will need to pass the entrance examination into the Senior School with a big score in order to be qualified to be in Science class. Most people has tipped him to go on and become an engineer, Sunday himself dream of the day he will become a full engineer not just an Engineer by name. 

Engr. Pelumi came down from the car with the two other engineers with him, they walked down to the shop where they found a blind woman on the doorstep, she smiled as they approach the shop, Sunday looked embarrassed as he introduced his mother to the three men, they didn't say a word as they picked up chairs to sit for their meal, they watched as the blind woman finds ingredients, she steer up the soup she was preparing, tasted it and then called on Adaobi, the girl who helps her in the shop to come drop the soup from the stove. 

Engr. Pelumi continues to look at the woman, just like the other two men, their face was full of surprises, a blind woman prepared that delicious banga soup they ate this afternoon? it is unbelievable, these are the possible questions on their minds as they hold back whatever comment they want to pass, maybe because they noticed Sunday, who felt a little embarrassed by the condition of his mother as he introduced her to the young Engineers. 

"Are you from Warri?" Engr. Pelumi finally asked the woman, she was silent for a while, instead of giving a direct respond to the question with an answer, she asked her own question: "Is that you? Pelumi?" the two other Engineers with Engr. Pelumi looked at him, they were shocked to hear the woman say their friend's name, they knew each other? where? how? Sunday looked at Engr. Pelumi again, he wanted to be sure if those are tears coming out of the young engineers eyes, even as young as he is, he knows things are not right.

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