Bolaji Agbekoya (The Pain Behind the Smile) - Episode 5

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She rushed out of the office as soon as she heard what the principal has narrated to her, she finds her way to the car where Sunday was waiting patiently behind the wheel, after thinking for a while, she gave a deep breath, looked at Bolaji as if she was going to ask her some serious questions, "take me away from here" she said to Sunday who kicked start the car before she could finish the statement. It was a 10 minutes drive from the school, yet, no one says a single word until they got home.

Bolaji Agbekoya 5

The news of the death of Chief Agbekoya spread across the country like a wildfire set in the forest during the harmattan. Many people refuse to believe that such a nice person could be murdered, "good people no dey last o", Mama Iyabo said to nobody in particular, she continued arranging her pepper as she recalls how nice Chief Agbekoya has been when she was still in secondary school with his daughter Bolaji Agbekoya, the girl sitting right next to her in class. She can remember how Chief Agbekoya satisfy all the students in Red House during her last Inter-house sport in the school. Red House won almost all the medals, some claim it is the extra motivation they got from Chief Agbekoya that has steered them to victory, a statement of fact, Chief Agbekoya actually gave each student 1000naira just because they are fortunate enough to be in Red House. He also promised that each medal won will be rewarded.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, It's been ten years since the death of Mr. Ajao, the school principal who listened to the conversation between Sunday and Chief Agbekoya. Gbenga Oremeji whose wife was killed eleven years ago has since started working as the Head of the Marketing Department in one of Chief Agbekoya's company in Lagos, Sunday is no more a driver, he is the Head of the Media Department and the spokesperson for Chief Agbekoya who was serving as a Senator before he was murdered. 

Bolaji gained admission shortly after her secondary school, she has since graduated, she is now working in a top company in the country. She refused to work in her father's company because she does not want to be seen as a girl who is successful because of her father. Mrs. Agbekoya was found dead three years ago in her room while Kayode Obenbe, the brilliant boy who always sit at the front is now a pastor in a famous church in Lagos. How time flies, less I forget to add this, Funke has grown to be a mother, she named her daughter Iyabo because she lost her mother a week before she gave birth to her daughter, Iyabo. Many claimed the shock of her mother's death rushed her into the labor room while others think she was ripe to give birth. "put the pepper outside there" Mama Iyabo finally addresses her daughter who was attending to her assignment, Iyabo quickly dropped the book, collected the pepper from her mother, she placed the pepper on the table outside the shop which serves as  their room, parlour, and shop. After the death of her mother, Funke (who is now Mama Iyabo) inherited her mother's trade, since that is the only thing she was good at, she was not a brilliant student like Bolaji, even Kayode that was so brilliant has since become a pastor of a church. If only she managed to scale through school, maybe her mother would have allowed her to go to a university, or probably a Polytechnic, no one knows.

Funke couldn't finish her secondary school education after she got pregnant, she was gang raped by some unknown boys on her way back from the market where she and her mother sell pepper in the night. It was raining that day, her mother had told her to stay back in the market. The one room apartment where Funke and her mother stays is an old building owned by Alhaji Yahya who is a careless landlord who does not think about his tenants. Alhaji Yahya comes to the house once a year, to collect the rent, once he collects his house rent from the tenants, he disappears until the following year. The roof of the house is as good as nothing, whenever it rained, you know you are in trouble. To prevent the water from damaging the little property owned by Funke's mother, she told her daughter Funke to stay back at the Bus stop while she rushed home to save the foam they will sleep on by putting buckets where the rain might be leaking from.

Funke didn't tell her mother about the rape, days turns into weeks and weeks into months, Funke discovered she was pregnant. She tried to hide it from her mother who was not suspecting her until she started showing signs. Her mother had to beat the life out of her when she claimed she does not know who she was pregnant for. She later explained what happened to her mother who concluded that her education is all but over, she will need to work harder now that she has brought shame to her. Funke's mother even suggested they tie the pregnancy on anyone who has been sleeping with Funke before or after she was raped. Although Funke was not a virgin as at the time she was ganged raped, she was too afraid to tell her mother about Brother Taju. Funke has been sleeping with Taju, the mechanic who is married to 22 years old Afusat who is learning to tailor (tailoring) from Taju's sister's shop, and 24 years old Christiana who is learning hairdressing on the same street as the shop of Taju. Not that he married them in the proper way, they got pregnant for him and he has been living in the same house with the two young girls and his sister who works in a factory not too far from the house.

Brother Taju as he was called by Funke has always been nice to her, he was the one that deflowers her, he tricked her into the devilish act with some extra cash he let her keep after buying pepper from her. How it all started, no one knows, Taju always takes time off to Funke's house to buy pepper each time Mama Funke is out of the house. 

"Good afternoon ma," Mrs. Oluwashina greeted as she approached Mama Iyabo who was arranging her pepper. "Good afternoon teacher, how are you today?" Mama Iyabo responded as she gave the teacher a warm smile and a chair from the corner of her shop. "Iyabo, get your teacher a sachet of water," she said as she placed the chair at the left corner of the shop where she has prepared as the class of her daughter who she has promised herself to spend the rest of her life providing for her to get the education she was not opportune to get.   "Did you hear about the death of Senator Agbekoya?" Mama Iyabo asked as the teacher settles on the chair, "Yes I heard about his death, the news is everywhere, but I don't care about the death of Politicians, they are not people one should spend time grieving over" the teacher responded as she was handed a sachet of pure water by Iyabo who quickly pick up her duster to clean the chalkboard her mother has asked a carpenter to build for her.

"Chief was not like that dear" Mama Iyabo said as she places a well-arranged tomato on the table outside the shop, "Do you know him?" the teacher asked, Mama Iyabo gave her a quick glance, she nods her head as a reply to the teacher's question. "I Know him, he was the father to a girl I knew when I was in secondary school" she responded still arranging the tomato. "He was a good man, he understand his position in the society and help as many people he knew back then" the teacher who is now standing close to the chalkboard  took another sip of her sachet water, a longer one than she did earlier, picked up the Mathematics textbook on the chair she has been sitting on and gave no respond to Mama Iyabo's words. As long as she is concern, Chief Agbekoya is an animal, if it was Angel Gabriel who sits right before her to convince her that Chief Agbekoya is a good man, she will never agree with him. "May he not find peace wherever he is right now" she has said to herself as she begins to write the topic of the day on the chalkboard.

Who Killed Senator Agbekoya? Did you read this part? - "Mrs. Agbekoya was found dead..." Gbenga Oremeji now works for Senator Agbekoya, how come? What is the relationship between the husband of Mrs. Oremeji who died after hearing the pain behind Bolaji Agbekoya smiles and Bolaji's father? Or maybe, the job was a compensation or probably a reward. A reward for what you might want to ask; don't even try to guess, you might be disappointed when you discover how wrong you are. Mr. Ajao is dead o! and a certain lesson teacher is hating on Senator Agbekoya. 

Errrrm...I will like to stop here today, the next Episode promises to be more interesting and longer than this.

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