Bolaji Agbekoya (The Pain Behind the Smile) - Episode 4

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Bolaji woke up beside Mrs. Ajayi who has been glued to the side of the bed where Bolaji was laid since she collapses. Her eyes were not that clear as she was still trying to understand why she is here lying down, she rubs over her face with her left hand sluggishly like a girl who was just waking up from a long sleep after a tough day. Slowly, she begins to identify everybody in the room just as the memory of what occurred some minutes ago rushes through her head. She remembered everything the principal has said at the assembly, the words were ringing as if he is saying them all over again. It is hard to believe Mrs. Oremeji is no more, she was more than a friend to Bolaji, she was like her own sister. 

She remembered last year when Mrs. Oremeji was getting married, before the marriage date was picked, Mrs. Oremeji has been requesting Bolaji to be among her bridal in training, requesting should be an understatement here because it was more of a command, if not that Mr. Agbekoya has to approve it first, she would have commanded her. Luckily for Mrs. Oremeji, Mr. Agbekoya granted her wish, Bolaji traveled with them to Ibadan, where she got married to her husband Gbenga Oremeji.

Gbenga Oremeji was a student of the University of Lagos when he met Atinuke Obanla, the best student in her department. She was a beautiful young woman with a bright future, all the lecturers in the Education Department of the University of Lagos know Atinuke will be a teacher. She was not the type that is in the Department out of frustration, she knows what she wants to be, and she chooses the department she wants to be with the aim of becoming the best teacher anyone has ever seen. This was her first few words to Gbenga the first day he had a chat with her, he was blown away. Gbenga, on the other hand, was a Law student, he was in his final year when he met Atinuke who was a 200L student.

There love and respect for each other grew as they maintain their friendship until they walk each other down the altar. They were still enjoying the very first year of their marriage before the sudden death of his heart rob Atinuke. 

"What are you doing here mum?" she asked in surprise as she noticed her mum beside her bed, Mrs. Agbekoya has rushed down to the school after she got the news of what happened at the assembly that morning, she quickly raised the head of Bolaji, resting her head on her lap, as she feels the temperature of her daughter by placing her hand on her forehead. "I heard about what happened this morning, I had to rush down here to see you," she said as she signals Sunday to bring the energy drink she bought on her way to the school. "Here, your favorite energy drink, your food is here too, see, it's fried rice and chicken, your favorite". 

As soon as Sunday brought out the food, Bolaji eyes dripped off the tears that has been waiting to rush out of her eyes, she remembers Mrs. Oremeji kind words whenever she refuses to eat her food, she is the only one who knows how to convince her to eat the food she has vowed not to eat again for reasons only Mrs. Oremeji and the others who has shared in the same fate as Mrs. Oremeji knows. "Stop crying dear, we all love her, but God loves her more," the principal said as he moves closer to Bolaji. The voice of Mr. Agbekoya must have stopped the principal as he quickly turns his direction towards the direction where the Honorable Chief Agbekoya voice is coming from. "You are welcome sir," they all echoed as Chief Agbekoya walked into the sick bay in his traditional white agbada. His beads danced across his neck as he shook the hands of the principal who has been smiling like a little boy who was handed a 500naira Note by a visitor (although we both know the money will be collected by his mother immediately the visitor leaves the house...our mothers sha).

"Baby, am so sorry for what happened, God will continue to keep us safe," the whole room chorus "Amen" like the Redeemed Christian Church of God after Pastor Adeboye must have dished out a word of prayer, the only missing piece was surely "Let somebody shout Halleluyah" in Babas voice. Bolaji buries her face in between the laps of her mother as Chief Agbekoya walked out of the room with the Principal, some minutes later, the Principal returned to the room to call Sunday. Bolaji has started eating her food as her mother feeds her like a new born child.

"I hope nobody follows you nor suspect you," Chief Agbekoya asked as Sunday approach the car. "Yes sir, no one suspects me, I did a very clean job, sir" I trust you, Chief Agbekoya said as he handed an envelope to Sunday who quickly drift it into his side pocket. Just before Chief Agbekoya uttered another word, he noticed the principal, he smiled at him, but the principal didn't smile back this time around, he was sweating. 

Chief turned to Sunday quickly, "Make sure the money gets to him, and tell him to bring forth a lovely show when we come around" he mentioned as he steps into the car. "Yes, sir" responded the ever loyal Sunday. "Do you think he knows?" Chief Agbekoya asked in a low voice, "Yes, with the way he is sweating, I can tell he knows something" Sunday replied.

The principal has been standing behind the two men since Sunday walked out of the sickbay, he listens gently as the two men discuss some personal issues without saying a word. Chief Agbekoya smiled at him again, this time, the Principal manage to reciprocate with the ugliest smile you have ever imagine, he managed to smile in between a puzzle sweaty face. "We need to talk tonight," the Chief said as he bangs the door of the car behind him, "We really need to talk Mr. Ajao". 

Without saying a word, the Principal walk slowly back to the sickbay, Sunday watched him as he walks away, he looked around to know if anyone was watching before he follows the principal into the sickbay. 

Ghen-Ghen! What do you think Chief Agbekoya was discussing with Sunday that fetch out sweat from Mr. Ajao forehead?, Does it have anything to do with the death of Mrs. Oremeji? Watch out, Episode 5 coming soon...

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