BelieversCompanion's Top 5 Songs You Can Use to Bless Your Child - August 2016

When you play with your baby, what kind of song do you sing to them? Do you know the song you sing to a child every time stick to their memories longer than the words you say to them? BelieversCompanion put together five lovely songs you can bless your child with while playing with them.  

You can also use this songs to soothe your child, encourage  their speech and language development and as a teaching tool. If you are ready, let us go.

1. Michel Berg - Bless this Child
The first thing we need to do whenever we look at our child(ren) is to bless God for giving us the child while we pray God bless the child. "Bless this Child" by Michel Berg is the perfect song to do that every morning.
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2. Ken Blount - For this Child
The child God has given to you is of God, you need to dedicate the child back to God and also dedicate yourself to train the child in the way of the Lord. God has granted to you a trust with the birth of the child, you need to live up to the trust he has in you. This song by Ken Blount titled "For this Child" will remind you daily the need to pray for your child as they grow up. I urge you to listen and download this song.
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3. Nicollete Larson - Welcome to the World
This song is a perfect song to welcome a new born into the world, do not let anyone use negative terms to welcome your child to the world; use a lovely song like this one to welcome the boundle of blessing into your home. Am sure you will love the song. Listen and Download below:
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4. Stephaine Marshburn ft Don Gaskins - He Gave Me You
God bless my life, when he gave me you...this song is a perfect song for your kids when they come to greet you good morning. It is a song you want to bless them with while reminding them their purpose on earth. Listen and Download below: 
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5. Allison Krauss - Baby Mine
Baby Mine is a perfect bed time song, you will love this song as the sound alone can send your child to bed before the end of verse one. If you are not careful sef, you end up sleeping beside your baby's bed.

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